Friday, October 14, 2016

A Soft Touch

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Welcome Autumn

                       Autumn has arrived and there
                       has been a coolness in the air
                      the past few days so it is time
                           to dig out the wool plaid throws
                     to snuggle up in to enjoy the
      evenings outdoors.

Enjoying the view

              An autumn bouquet

An old ceder table and chair
set from the seventy mile yard
sale. It was an all day event for
my sister and I this year.
      I came home with lots of treasures
again this year.

            A few of our trees have
              started to put on their fall

                              Red cliffs on the South Shore of
              Prince Edward Island.

                   Another nearby red cliff beach.
          on a calm evening walk.

                       Have a cup of tea before you go
                  with an early autumn garden
bouquet to enjoy.

                                                        I hope you all have a happy fall !

                                                                   Thank you for visiting and thanks
                                                                   also to those who left kind comments
                                                                   on my last post.